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  2. That Chiphazuwa is a beauty!! EXCELLENT crisp shots!!
  3. WHAT?! You're allowed to be on the ground with the wild dogs?!?! WHAT?!! That is incredible!!!! Also loved the video of the baby elephant in the water. It is too precious!!!
  4. @michael-ibk Thanks for your interest Michael.
  5. Safari booking tour offers include Serengeti migration to see wildebeest, Thompson gazelle, Zebra, Lions, Leopards and even Black Rhinos in Ngorongoro conservation area. Tanzania safari discount price is possible when safari consultant choose best quality safari lodges or wilderness camps on en suite tent room. Wildebeest migration is unique African safaris apart from big 5 wildlife animals watching. Giraffes and birds are more animals to see while on Tanzania safaris. Tanzania safari itineraries can be 4 days wildlife safaris, 7 days budget camping safaris, wonderful safari experience lodge safari, Kilimanjaro tours and nature trekking. New Safari properties for accommodation have added new taste to Safari goers. Ngorongoro Oldean Mountain Lodge, Kilima Moja safari Lodge Lake Manyara and Ole Serai luxury camp are modern lodges which blend culture and environment conservation. All these comes with discount tour offers for group of 4 people or more booking Tanzania safari. Cheap Tanzania safari is possible with expert research and choice of accommodation like camps and lodges. Ask for safari quotes and get cheap safaris travel deals Tanzania tour offers, safari itineraries, Kilimanjaro climbing, beach Holidays Zanzibar and price quotes
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  7. Last Chance Safaris has a couple of spaces left for a safari spectacular in July/August 2018. The itinerary includes 6 nights in two 2 separate 'migration camps' in the northern Serengeti to coincide with the dramatic Mara River crossings; 3 nights at Murchison Falls NP, and 3 nights in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with 2 gorilla treks. Click on the brochure for more info on this incredible expedition. Should you be interested, please contact Grant via or
  8. great news the efforts in anti poaching has produced positive results
  9. @kittykat23uk I am sure you will have a great time
  10. here is an appeal from Survival International ,which people might like to look at and endorse they are a NGO who work on behalf of the civil rights of first people
  11. Thanks for sharing. We are stopping here on our 3 week south Africa trip in September. Mainly for the scenery (and flowers) but hopefully to see some wildlife as well.
  12. Safaritalk is highly valuable web site for any independent traveller like us, as the amount of information. one can gather here is impossible to find elsewhere. Personally, our first safari (= Africa) destination was set after reading a trip report on here, by @Jochen . The positive attitude by members cannot be found anywhere else, and that, IMO, is the one most important asset of this site! How influential is Safaritalk in your safari decision making process? Almost too influential; next 2 years of trips are either based on trip reports found here, or will be done with members of this community!
  13. an environment group got a firm of economic consultants to estimate the value of the reef overall it is worth $56 billion , tourism contributes $29 billion and 64,000 jobs , the brand value is $24 billion and recreation use is worth $3 billion for more details please see Here is a link to the report all very interesting , I wonder what effect the report will have on something the main politicians give little attention to
  14. It is interesting to see the head of CITES publish articles on the importance of wildlife tourism please see The world needs wildlife tourism. But that won't work without wildlife John Scanlon, The Guardian June 22, 2017 See link for photos. Wildlife-based tourism is growing rapidly worldwide as the number of tourists continues to grow and as we, as travellers, seek out new and more enriching personal experiences with local cultures and wildlife. This is what inspired me to take six months unpaid leave from the grind of legal practice many years ago and backpack around South America with my little sister. Experiencing the natural beauty of places like the Amazon rainforest, Iguazú Falls and Machu Picchu and the local people fighting to protect them was life-changing. article continues How operators engage with their staff, customers and local communities, and where they choose to invest, can change the trajectory of the survival of our wildlife. By doing the right thing tourism operators will not just be protecting wildlife. They will be investing in maintaining the core natural asset that underpins their own wildlife tourism venture But operators can’t do it alone. How we behave as individual tourists is ultimately what counts, and that is our choice. We have a personal responsibility to hold operators’ feet to the fire. We cannot support the bad ones, no matter how good the price. And let us never forget: wildlife and the local people living among it are to be not just enjoyed but respected by all of us.
  15. Gorgeous Bee-Eaters, and what a cool Hippo yawn.
  16. @Marks @Tdgraves Thank you so much for your comments!
  17. more problems with Japan poor regulations and loose enforcement Ivory seizure exposes Japan’s lax domestic ivory trade controls Friday, June 23, 2017 at 9:49 TRAFFIC in In Asia, Ivory Tokyo, Japan, 23rd June 2017—Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced on 20th June the seizure of 18 ivory tusks believed to be in illegal trade in violation of LCES[1], the Japanese legislation that regulates trade in threatened species. a rainforest plant is being promoted as an ivory substitute This seed can be made to look like ivory. So could it save the elephant? Alex Gray, World Economic Forum June 15, 2017 possible issues are that it is not sufficiently luxury or exclusive, and can't be carved into larger pieces
  18. @Peter Connan I fully agree on the long drive - it's especially long if you see nothing. Even from Afsaal.
  19. the Indian press is advocating not using ivory ,so much better to use gemstones or ivory substitute please see Though an apple-to-apple price comparison with ivory jewellery is not possible considering it’s long been banned, a pair of diamond earrings crafted from ‘elfhie’ that are set in white and rose gold can command about Rs1.3 lakhs. While a pendant made using elfhie, having diamonds and rubellite and set in white gold, can cost Rs 60,000. According to luxury jewellery connoisseur Anisha VK, an alternative to ivory in the form of a mineral composite is certainly a good bet for anyone who appreciates fine jewellery collections. “Wearing a pair of earrings made from the ivory lookalike costs less in the pocket and makes the wearer feel responsible towards the environment and wildlife.”
  20. @Peter Connan the cats weren't mentioned - and I forgot to ask! There definitely are birds breeding though. We saw some beautiful Oyester catchers. But the bus around the island is a quick tour - and we only stopped once. Offal - it's not the taste thats the problem for me - I just dont like the sell - and I grew up with it at home! We also dont see Poffadder here - only on the farm.
  21. Ha!! All with my phone. Wifi is too dicey to upload pics from my camera. I can't wait to get home and see them on a monitor!!
  22. @Peter Connan Yep, the same in Australia, the best way to identify snakes is from scale patterns and number of scales.
  23. I don't know whether this also holds true for other parts of the world, but here in Southern Africa snake experts say the colouration range of snakes is so wide that colour and even colour patterns should not be used for identification. Instead, identification should primarily be based on head shape and scale pattern, and the better field guides show scale pattern diagrams.
  24. Hey @Sangeeta - can you say a little about what Tinga is like now? I believe they have done some updates over the past few years - do you have some photos of it? Thanks!
  25. Beautiful shots. Especially the Cuckoo!
  26. Beautiful pictures Gill @KaingU Lodge and Martin @Soukous!
  27. looking for rhinos ,be quiet as their hearing is very sensative
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